4 Reasons You Should Go into Entertainment Law

4 Reasons You Should Go into Entertainment Law

If you are uncertain of your career aspirations or hope to change careers, you may want to consider entertainment law. This lesser-known legal profession offers many of the benefits of a career as an attorney while introducing new, interesting elements. John Branca, a UCLA Law school alumnus, is just one example of the many professionals who have been successful in this field.

1. Meet Celebrities

One of the exciting opportunities you could have as an entertainment attorney is interacting with famous musicians and artists. Entertainment Lawyer John Branca, for instance, represented Michael Jackson and got to know the singer quite well. In most careers, you would not have this unique chance to connect with the creators of your favorite songs and movies. Just think how enthralling it would be to uncover more about the creative processes of these influential people.

2. Protect Intellectual Property

A vital aspect of working in entertainment law is ensuring that artists’ intellectual property is not stolen. This sort of property includes fictional characters, the lyrics to songs, and other creations. If these intangible goods were not protected, creative individuals would have difficulty making an income from their work.

Entertainment Law

3. Advance in Your Career

Another compelling part of being an entertainment attorney is that it leaves room for you to grow as a professional. If you choose to work for a large firm, for example, you can begin your career at a young age and receive promotions as you grow more experienced. You could start out as a junior associate and retire as the head of your firm.

4. Enjoy Your Work

No one wants to wake up each morning dreading going to work that day. One of the best ways to ensure that you will genuinely like your job ten years down the road is to incorporate your natural interests into the tasks you do. Music, movies, and art may be just the things that will add zest to your day-to-day work. As evidence of this, most professionals who go into entertainment law stay in the field for a significant length of time.

Entertainment law may not be the field for everyone, but if you have an interest in law and want to do something exciting with your career, it might be the right fit for you. It will be hard but rewarding work that allows you to be a part of protecting the creativity that adds beauty to the world.