5 Easy Payment Options for Bail Bonds

5 Easy Payment Options for Bail Bonds

An arrest can quickly put a wrench in any plans that you or your family have made, especially when you don’t know how you’re going to pay the bail. You just want to get the process taken care of as quickly as possible so you or your loved one can get home. There are reputable bail bonds Harrisburg PA residents turn to when money is tight, but you still need to pay up to 10% of the bail to the bondsman. Whether posting your own bail or using a bond. what are your options for paying the fee?

Choosing a Payment Method

The method of payment may depend on the bail bondsman or the court. In most cases, you can usually post bail or pay the bond using the following options:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Credit Card
  4. Money Order
  5. Wire Transfer

While you don’t necessarily need to pay the full bail amount upfront, you will need to pay a specified amount either way. You or your family member will not be released until the bail or a bond is posted.

Considering Collateral

Depending on the charges and the amount of bail, the court or the bail bond service might let you use an asset, such as a car or a house, as collateral. Usually, collateral is used to ensure the person receiving bail shows up for the court-ordered hearing. If the person fails to make the court appearance, the collateral is forfeited to the court or the bail bondsman.

Ultimately, it is up to you and your family to decide which method of payment is best for your situation. If you have questions, you can speak to your bail bond agent or the court to find out which payment methods are acceptable and how much you need to pay down initially. In general, courts and bail bond agencies can accommodate most payment options.