Arrested? Here’s What to Do

Arrested? Here’s What to Do

Getting arrested can be scary and it’s easy to start panicking. Keep your wits about you and try to get through this challenging period as methodically as possible so you can move on with your life.

Befriend a Bondsman

Once you’ve been arrested, typically the only way you can be released from jail is to have a bond posted on your behalf by a PA bail bonds company. While the court typically asks for cash bail, this amount of money is typically out of reach for the average defendant or their friends or family. Using a bail bond company is a great way to bridge this gap since they put up the money on your behalf when you pay them a percentage of the overall bail bond.

Stay Silent

One of the most important things to remember is to not discuss your case with anyone. Not your friends, not your family, and not the police or prosecutors, as anything you say, could be used against you by the prosecutors when they seek to find you guilty of the crimes you are alleged to have committed. By using your right to remain silent, you will protect yourself and your future.

Bail Bond

Lawyer Up

Finally, it’s crucial to retain a lawyer to represent you in court. Attorneys are familiar with the various procedural rules and know the judges and prosecutors who will determine the fate of your case. Whether you hire one privately or have one appointed by the court if you can’t afford one, a lawyer is best situated to walk you through the complex and stressful court process and advise you on the best strategies for your case.

While being charged with a crime is terrifying, take a deep breath and follow the steps above to take control of the process and its far-reaching implications from day one.