Different Types of Wrongful Death Cases

Different Types of Wrongful Death Cases

It is normally a sad occurrence when a loved one passes away and leaves you for good due to death. The grief that family members go through is unexplainable. However, it is better when the family is psychologically prepared for death. For example, when the deceased was suffering from a serious illness such as cancer. In the case whereby the death is sudden, the family is normally faced with shock since they did not anticipate the death of the loved one. Such cases may include accidents that may occur while working or car collisions.

In the case of such deaths, the family can look for a wrongful death lawyer to assist them with getting compensation since the death was a result of negligence. Even though it will not be possible to bring the deceased back, it is always right to seek justice. Wrongful death suits are of many times. However, the common types include:

  1. Deaths are caused by overdosing on an individual or poisoning them accidentally. In most cases, these deaths normally occur as a result of offering illegal narcotics. Also, wrong prescriptions by certain doctors can lead to the sudden death of individuals. Research has shown that deaths that result from overdosing on patients are on the rise. Most of these cases will have elements to prove that they were wrongful.
  2. A death that occurs as a result of accidents or illnesses at the place of work. In most cases, such cases normally attract compensation. Some of the accidents that occur in workplaces may be due to the negligence of employers. An individual may also happen to work in a company that produces poisonous substances, thus becoming ill. Such illnesses that result in the death of the individual are also a type of wrongful death.
  3. The other type is accidents that are caused by vehicles. Many people succumb to injuries and sudden deaths when two vehicles cases. A collision normally occurs when a negligent driver on the road does not follow the rules. It may also be a result of faulty equipment in one of the vehicles.
  4. Another common type of wrongful death case is the death of pedestrians or cyclists on the footpath. These deaths happen when a vehicle hits an individual who is walking or riding a bicycle. Deaths are very common and normally occur as a result of negligent drivers.
  5. The other one is wrongful deaths that occur as a result of malpractices of medical practitioners. In most cases, sudden deaths occur due to misdiagnosis and errors that normally occur during a surgical process, such as leaving any surgical tools inside the patient’s body. It is also caused by negligence or a mistake made by the physician.
  6. Moreover, the other type of wrongful death occurs due to accidents that occur on an individual’s premises. For instance, an individual may slip and fall when conducting normal activities. The falling can result in injuries and deaths. It is a wrongful death because the premises owner has a responsibility to ensure that their premises do not have any form of hazards.
  7. Finally, another type of wrongful death case is due to drowning or accidents that occur on boats. Most cases of drowning happen in pools located within an individual’s property. If the pool was not in the right condition or was not secured, the owner may face legal consequences if deaths occur. In addition, a boat owner or operator may face claims when deaths occur due to a lack of appropriate safety measures.


If, by any chance, one of your family members or close people suddenly dies as a result of a negligent party, then you have the right to claim compensation. Consider the types of cases mentioned above to determine whether it is a wrongful death.