Do You Need an Employment Attorney?

Do You Need an Employment Attorney?

Employment law is a complex and constantly changing area of civil law, but it’s also vital because it protects workers and employers alike in a variety of ways. It can encompass any part of the legal relationship between employer and employee, from fiduciary obligations regarding benefits management to claims for workers compensation because of an on-site injury. It’s equally responsible for governing issues like sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and the handling of potentially hazardous materials, too. As a result, it’s easy to get confused about whether an issue you’re having is one that an employment lawyer could help with.

Consultations and Employment Law

If you’re having a conflict in the workplace and you’re not sure how to proceed, it is probably worth having an initial consultation with a lawyer. That conversation can help put your issues into perspective, and it’s the best way for someone who doesn’t study or practice the law to know whether there is a claim that could be made. It’s also worth getting help identifying your goals for the process. Unlike many other areas of civil law, using an employment attorney Orlando to address a workplace issue does not necessarily mean seeking cash damages. Those are often a part of the claim, but attorneys also handle cease and desist orders, contract enforcement, and a variety of other tasks related to employment law.

Employment Attorney

OSHA Complaints and Whistleblower Protection

If you’re considering a workplace complaint through an official regulatory agency, you might be entitled to protection as a whistleblower. Unfortunately, asserting that right to protection is often harder than it seems because employers who typically violate safe workplace laws also have ways of encouraging employees to show themselves out. Having an attorney on your side is an excellent way to get help parsing and responding to any retaliatory tactics that are attempted, and if necessary, an attorney can help preserve your anonymity when you are entitled to preserve it.