Important Things to Know About the E1 Visa

Important Things to Know About the E1 Visa

The E1 visa is the type of visa that allows individuals to enter the United States with the intent or purpose of carrying out international trade. In this sense, the definition of “trade” remains loose, and so could be interpreted to mean the trade of a variety of goods and services, including banking.

Apart from individuals, employees of companies can also apply for this type of visa, as well as their immediate family. Consequently, the legal spouse of the visa holder gets permission to work as well, but not the children, who are supposed to be under 21 in order to be eligible for this visa type.

Requirements for E1 Visa

To be granted an E1 visa, the applicant must successfully show that their purpose is to engage in “substantial trade” within the country. In doing the trade, 50% of its volume must be conducted with a “principal trade” country, which is otherwise known as the designated treaty country.

In order for the application to be approved, the principal trade country must, first of all, be listed in the recognized treaty countries. Aside from this requirement, the applicant must also be able to show intent to return to the home country upon the end of their granted visa period.

Visa Period

An E1 visa will allow the applicant to stay in the country for as long as two years. This may also be further extended for up to another two years, granted that the extension requirements are met.

If you need to apply for this particular visa, it’s highly recommended that you seek the help of an E1 visa Los Angeles lawyer. It would be better to have their professional help guiding you so you don’t miss out on any requirements or deadlines.