Improve Your Networking Skills Using These Simple Tricks

Improve Your Networking Skills Using These Simple Tricks

Communication Skills

The person who said communication is the key to success definitely did not think about how the modern world works. Communication teaches you to effectively convey what you have to say but, it doesn’t answer the question ‘who’!

When you communicate the information to the right person at the right time, it changes the course of the event for good. And, to know such a trick is to have the skill of networking! Networking skills primarily deal with creating strong connections with people – both – personally and professionally.

Here are some tips to help you enhance your networking skills

A quality contact

They say the first impression lasts forever. When you initiate a conversation to hand over your business card in the end doesn’t give you the contacts you need. You might sign some gigs initially but they won’t last in the long run.

Instead of sharing your business cards like fliers, try having a meaningful conversation with potential clients. Get them to ask you for the contact rather than thrusting your card in their hands. Or, keep it more professional by handing them your email address.

Go Online

Online media platforms are a great way to gather new contacts. Be open to communication and public speaking. Understand the current trends and connect with the influencers and brands accordingly. Once you begin a conversation, do not forget to turn it into a one-to-one meeting for higher efficiency. is a one of a kind email search tool that helps you not only find the contact but also validates it within minutes. It is valuable while browsing through your Linkedin account. As it comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account, finding the profile’s professional email address becomes easy. answers your question about how to find an email address for free! 

Keep it real

Flattery might fetch you some brownie points at a networking event. But, the real connections are the ones to become stepping stones for success. While conversing with any potential lead, ensure that you share your true stories. Honest conversations build loyal connections.

Ditch the “networking” attitude and attend the event to learn something new. However, do not deviate from your final goal – make lasting connections through networking. Communicate with the person to have a positive end result. Do not wait for people to come to you to spark a conversation. Prepare beforehand and come up with creative icebreakers and conversation starters.

Final thoughts

Always remember that networking is not just about sharing information with one another, instead, it is about sharing a great bond and affinity! So be assertive and ask quality questions. Be present in the conversation and pay heed to what the person speaks.

Being focused on these simple tips makes a huge difference and helps you climb the ladder faster than your peers. Be the go-getter and begin initiating the conversation – you’d be surprised at how people will respond to it positively!