The Four Most Crucial Defensive Driving Practices

The Four Most Crucial Defensive Driving Practices

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You could be the most conscious and careful driver in the world and still have an accident one day. The reason is that a high percentage of accidents happen because of other people’s errors and aggression. There are a couple of defensive measures you can use if you want to ensure that you avoid accidents as much as possible. These are some of the top defensive tactics you can use to protect yourself:

Increase Your Following Distance 

The official rule in most states is to stay at least one car length behind other drivers for every 10 MPH of speed. That rule helps drivers ensure that they have enough room to come to a complete stop if a dangerous situation arises. You can make the situation a little bit safer for yourself by increasing your distance to an extra car length. 

Separate Yourself From Erratic Drivers

As mentioned before, there’s no way you can prevent other drivers from driving insanely if they choose to operate that way. What you can do instead is to move away from the danger zone right away. You can slow down or switch lanes if you notice someone swerving ahead of you, for example. Alternatively, you could flip your hazard lights on if someone behind you follows too closely or drives awkwardly. Your hazard lights will prompt that individual to go around you and take the erratic behavior elsewhere. 

Maintain the Speed Limit

It can be hard to follow the speed limit perfectly because so many people speed in a rush to get nowhere. However, you should take a deep breath the next time you find yourself in that situation and adhere to the signs. Traveling at the appropriate speed will prompt impatient drivers to go around you so that the police might see them driving erratically instead of you. The speed limits are posted on signs for a reason. You should never allow anyone else to pressure you to break traffic rules. Doing so will put everyone else in danger.  

Do Not Use Medication or Alcohol

Avoid taking medication or alcohol before you get on the road. Find someone else to drive you to your destination if you have to take prescription medication for an illness. That way, you can avoid lowering your judgment and reaction time while you drive. You could be held liable if you do not heed that warning. However, an auto accident attorney can help you get compensation for your injuries if you find yourself in an accident because of another intoxicated driver. 

Use Vehicles with Innovative Features

You can be super proactive in your quest to protect yourself by driving only vehicles with advanced safety features. The blind-spot monitor is an example of a safety feature that can help you avoid accidents. It shows you which vehicles are in your blind spot so that you can take steps to prevent a crash. Some vehicles also have collision prevention features that apply brakes for the driver when the system senses a dangerous situation ahead of the car. 

Wear Your Glasses

Don’t forget to wear your glasses when you drive at night. You should also take a pair of shades with you if you decide to drive during certain morning or evening times. This is especially important if you’re a little bit on the short side. The shades will protect you from having an accident when the glare hits your eyes. 

You can increase your chances of not getting into an accident by using the tactics mentioned above. You should stay safe as long as you put those practices in motion. However, the attorney mentioned above will be there to help you if you ever experience an incident.