Things You Should Know About Court-Ordered Courses

Things You Should Know About Court-Ordered Courses

Today’s legal system is searching for ways to reduce prison populations and sentencing for first-time and nonviolent offenders, as well as those who commit minor crimes. One of the ways courts are accomplishing this goal is through court-ordered coursework. If a judge has included this coursework in your sentence, you can search for court ordered courses online, but you should know a few things before paying for and taking an online course.

Find an Accredited Program

You will find many online courses that seem to meet your course requirements, but not every class is accredited by the court. You can start by asking the court for a list of local providers, or you can find a course online and contact the court to ensure that it is accredited and will be accepted. As you search for an online course, check their Better Business Bureau rating and ask the provider questions about the course, including the education levels of its teachers.

Complete the Class by the Court Deadline

Don’t procrastinate on completing your coursework. During sentencing, the judge will provide you a deadline for completing your course, and some courses may not be offered every week or month. Court-ordered coursework is typically a substitute for harsher punishment, and if you don’t complete it in time, you will have to face the harsher punishment. For example, you may have to go to jail or pay other fines.

Choose the Right Class

You will be assigned a specific class to take. For example, domestic violence offenders may be sentenced to complete anger management or domestic violence course, or both, and someone convicted of shoplifting may be required to take a shoplifting or larceny course, or both. Look over your court order paperwork carefully to determine exactly what course you need to take. Then, search for an accredited program that offers the course. If you need clarification, contact the court.

If you have been assigned court-ordered coursework, you have been given a second chance. Don’t waste it. Work with an accredited online course provider and complete your coursework on time.